Professional Movers for All Types of Local Move




T-Bow Moving & Storage has years of experience in the industry. With local moves, either across the street, or the next building, or across the city, T-Bow can customize the job to your needs. Get the stress out of moving to a new home with our packing and unpacking service, loading and unloading service, moving trucks, even availability of boxes and moving materials. Our professional movers will carefully pack and box your items, wrap and move your furniture and appliances, and utilize every usable space when loading the moving truck to fit as much of your belongings. We have the skills to handle even the delicate items and fragile art works. Enjoy your new home as we move all your belongings keeping them safe and intact, transported and promptly delivered to your new location.

Let us help you plan ahead and choose the right moving package to fit your needs. Give us a call today at (530) 741-2094 to speak to our move specialist for a free-no-obligation quote.